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Remove ivy - how it works

Remove ivy - how it works

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You always have to cut back ivy

Ivy can also be found in almost every garden. He climbs along fences, up the wall of the house or even the pergola. Learn how to remove the ivy here.

Keep ivy in check
Ivy is available in different varieties, the leaves have different shapes and colors. But all varieties have one thing in common: if you are not careful, ivy will proliferate. And that can quickly become a nuisance. In order to keep ivy in check, you should add root locks when planting. At the top you have to trim it the way you want it. You can restrict the size, but also steer it in different directions.

Remove ivy
If you want to completely remove ivy, you can sometimes get a problem, namely when the plant has already grown too large, also when it comes to the root system. There is only one way to help yourself here: permanently cut back - and that for a whole year. As soon as new shoots form, cut them off. So over time, the roots of the ivy will starve and die.


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