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Caring for roses - 10 tips

Caring for roses - 10 tips

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Roses should be watered abundantly

Healthy and above all, well-tended roses are among the most beautiful garden plants. In order for your roses to grow healthy in the garden and also bloom beautifully, there are a few maintenance rules to be observed. Find out here how you should take care of your roses.

Caring for roses - 10 tips

  1. You should never plant roses too close together, otherwise pests or diseases can spread to the other plants. If leaves or buds are infected with mildew, rose rust or star soot, you have to pinch the spots and dispose of them with household waste (see article Rose Diseases).
  2. Roses should be watered abundantly. 30 to 50 liters every three to four days are ideal in summer.
  3. Game shoots must be removed from the base. To do this, you need to expose the root area if necessary.
  4. Weed regularly as this can affect the growth of the roses. You also have to loosen the soil again and again.
  5. Rambler roses can also conquer entire trees. If you plan to do this, you shouldn't plant them too close to the tree. A distance of at least half a meter must be maintained here.
  6. Note the planting times for roses: container roses can be planted at any time from March to October.
  7. You can multiply roses yourself with cuttings.
  8. So-called small shrub roses are ideal for small empty spaces in the bed. Make sure you get enough sun.
  9. Roses have to be cut - but correct. Shrub roses are only straightened out, while bed roses are shortened vigorously.
  10. In order to get roses well over the winter, you should above all cover cold-sensitive varieties with brushwood and pile the soil.


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