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Planters for orchids - 5 pots

The roots of an orchid need a lot of light and air

You may have noticed that planters for orchids either have many holes or are even transparent.

The roots need a lot of light
This has nothing to do with a new fad, but with the fact that the roots of the orchids need a lot of light and also a lot of air. If you already have orchids at home, you may have noticed that the roots grow up out of the pot. If this is the case, it does not mean that they no longer have space, but that they lack light. Therefore, suitable planters should be found. There are many of them, so you can choose which one you prefer optically.

Here are our top 5:

  1. The clay pot with holes ensures that a lot of air and light can reach the roots.
  2. The plastic pot ensures that the roots do not dry out because the substrate is more protected. In this case, however, you should use transparent models.
  3. The braided basket looks nice, has many holes and also provides a lot of air. It is durable and also stable, so ideal.
  4. The slatted basket is also very stable and is almost a classic. This is particularly suitable for hanging orchids.
  5. Pieces of bark or branches are tied under the orchid and then hung up. An idiosyncratic but interesting way.