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Propagate plants - 4 techniques

Just try the four techniques

If you want to multiply your plants, you can do it in a variety of ways. There are several ways to reproduce plants.

Plant nursery
In order to multiply a plant, it is usually sufficient to have only one plant of the respective variety in the garden. With a little skill you can draw an entire plant nursery from this. We would like to present 4 techniques that you can use to multiply your plants.

Propagate plants - 4 techniques

  1. Leaf cuttings: The individual leaves of thick leaf plants are simply broken out of the mother plant. The fractures should dry for a few hours. Then the leaves are simply put in the soil. Cacti soil is best suited for this.
  2. Petiole cuttings: This method is mainly used for African violets. The leaf is put into the soil with the stem. After a short time, roots form.
  3. Partial leaf cuttings: Here the leaves, especially the so-called rotary fruit, are divided in length and put in seedlings. Roots form below and new leaves grow above.
  4. Leaf vein cuttings: This method is used especially for begonias. The leaves are cut from the mother plant, the veins scratched on the underside and simply laid down on the ground. Don't forget to fix it. The roots then arise from the veins.