Cultivating the olive tree - olive trees love the sun

Cultivating the olive tree - olive trees love the sun

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If you take care of your olive tree, you will have something of the great Mediterranean atmosphere in your garden for a long time. There are tips for care here.

Maintain olive tree

In our latitudes, however, olive trees are not suitable for planting out, because they are not hardy. Our climate is just not suitable for these trees. But it shouldn't be a problem in the pot on the terrace - and certainly not in the conservatory. Olive trees love the sun. They are actually at home in the Mediterranean, South Africa and the Middle East. There is of course a Mediterranean climate there. But whoever assumes that olive trees need little water is wrong.

Don't water the olive tree too sparingly!

The olive tree indicates a lack of water with the dropping of leaves. So you should never water your olive tree too sparingly. In winter, the olive tree should be as cool as possible. Under no circumstances should you place your olive tree or trees in a heated room, otherwise pests may occur. It would be best to spend the winter in an unheated winter garden or a garden shed. Temperatures up to 10 degrees are ideal, but temperatures around the freezing point do not bother the olive tree. But don't forget to water and not to darken.

Cut the olive tree

As you can see, it is actually not that difficult to maintain an olive tree. The great thing about these trees is that they create a Mediterranean atmosphere on the terrace and in the garden. If you want to cut your olive tree, you can let your imagination run wild. You can often see olive trees in spherical form. But you can also buy special wire mesh that you can use to cut different shapes.


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