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Trellis for vegetables - 3 variants

Trellis for vegetables - 3 variants

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In addition to ivy and the like, some vegetables such as beans or cucumbers also require climbing aids. We show you three climbing aids for different types of vegetables.

A chain link fence also serves as a climbing aid -

Growing vegetables

Climbing vegetables can be found, for example, among legumes such as beans or peas. Pumpkin plants such as cucumbers, zucchini, melons and, of course, pumpkins tend to tendrils. In addition to the plant families mentioned, tomatoes, for example, also need a stable climbing aid that provides them with enough support and enables them to grow tall.

Various climbing aids

If you also want to provide such tendrils to your vegetables, then you should note that not every tendril is suitable for every type of vegetable. We would like to present three aids for the garden and greenhouse:

  • spiral rods
  • Rods or ropes
  • trellises

Spiral rods

Spiral bars provide optimal hold -

Spiral sticks are ideal for plants that do not tend to rise independently, such as tomatoes. The advantage of the spiral sticks is that the tomato plant does not have to be tied up as would be the case with plant sticks. The plant finds enough hold in the spirals and can withstand the burden of the fruit without any problems.

Tip: For a better hold of your tomato plant, you should carefully screw it into the spiral rod every two to three weeks.

Rods or ropes

Ropes are ideal climbing aids in the greenhouse -

In contrast to tomatoes, runner and fir beans or peas tend to grow on their own. That means they do not have to be connected to the climbing aid. Trellises, which the plants can hold on to, are very suitable in the garden. Note, however, that you need longer sticks (at least two meters) for beans than for peas (maximum one meter).

Tip: It does not always have to be trade ranks. Branches or bamboo sticks are a great alternative.

In the greenhouse, on the other hand, you can let the plants climb up on a rope that you attach to the greenhouse ceiling and on the ground or on the plant. Not only beans are happy about this, but also cucumbers and tomatoes, which you simply screw into the rope.


Trellises for pumpkins must be able to carry some weight - trellises are ideal for pumpkins, climbing zucchini or cucumber. You can easily build such a scaffold yourself: Simply set up a grating at an angle using support posts and plant the desired vegetables in front of it. Then you can lead the plant up the grid. The fruits then hang down through the grid later and are easier to harvest.

You can also build your trellis entirely out of wood yourself. Take a look at the video for inspiration:


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