Beans in the garden - our top 5

Beans in the garden - our top 5

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Do you prefer wax beans, runner beans or bush beans?

Do you like to eat beans? Then you definitely have beans in the garden. We would like to introduce you to our top 5 of the most delicious types of beans.

The agony of choice
Anyone who likes beans is spoiled for choice: which one should it be? Runner beans, bush beans, wax beans? And then of course these types are also divided into individual varieties, so it is really not easy to choose the best beans. We may be able to make the decision-making aid a little easier for you. We would like to introduce you to our top 5 best beans for the garden.

Our top 5:

  1. The runner bean Neckar Queen bears fruits up to 28 cm long, which are very meaty and tender in taste. The plant is robust and very productive. So just the thing for bean lovers.
  2. The wax bush bean gold ducat lives up to its name. It is golden yellow and is up to 15 cm long. It is very robust and thrives even in unfavorable situations.
  3. The runner bean blue queen is colored blue-violet and is 25 cm long. It is very aromatic and productive. It turns green when you cook.
  4. The duplika bean is dark green and up to 20 cm long. It is robust and very stable.
  5. The Cobra runner bean also gets dark green fruits up to 20 cm long. It is extremely productive.

And? Are you curious? Then just get yourself a variety of these beans. Maybe it tastes so good that you don't want to try any more.


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