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Pests in the lawn - how to fight them

Pests in the lawn - how to fight them

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Check your lawn regularly

Even our beloved lawn is not immune to diseases and pests. Learn how to identify and fight pests in the lawn here.

Diseases and pests
Whether a short English lawn or a farm meadow - if something is wrong, you can see it and you should take action against it. We would like to introduce you to the five most common diseases and pests in the lawn. Of course, we also give you useful tips on how to combat them.

Pests in the lawn - how to fight them

  1. Weed: This is not a disease, but it can harm the lawn, especially if it occurs frequently. If weeds occur only occasionally, you can dig them up. It makes sense to ventilate the lawn, otherwise you will not be able to avoid weed killers.
  2. Witch rings: These hat mushrooms usually appear in a ring shape, the grass around it dies. The mushrooms extract the valuable substances that the lawn needs for life. Long-term lawn fertilizers and regular cutting help here.
  3. Moss: Annoying and unattractive. Occurs mainly in the shade and in damp places. Here you should scarify and fertilize regularly. Adding sand also helps with loam soil.
  4. Ants: They are useful animals and should not be destroyed, but they can cause damage in the lawn and on paths. The best thing is to move the nest.
  5. Mole: A cute, yet annoying contemporary. Drive them away with mole fright. Learn how to drive away a mole in other ways here.


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