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Back-friendly gardening - 5 tips

Back-friendly gardening - 5 tips

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Make your work varied

Many who like to work in the garden often have to deal with back pain. There is also back-friendly gardening.

Relieve your back
Is there anything you can do in the garden without straining your back? Sure, you will say, I just lie down in the garden lounger and don't do anything. This is of course the easiest way, but what if the garden needs it again? When the lawn needs to be mowed, the soil loosened and the weeds weeded? Then not only the gardener is happy, but also the back of the gardener. But even the hardest work in the garden can be designed so that you don't feel like you've been wheeled afterwards.

Here are our three tips that are so easy to forget:

  1. Since gardening mostly takes place on the ground, you should never work bent over, but always upright. Garden tools that have long stems or are curved help to support this.
  2. You have to go down, not bend over in front, but crouch. Kneeling is also not advisable, since the upper body is also bent forward and this has the same effect as when standing.
  3. Make your gardening varied. Monotonous movements that you have to do over a long period of time are not good for your back.
  4. So that you don't always feel completely exhausted after working in the garden, you should keep your body fit by e.g. swim or run.
  5. For example, if you have to shovel, you should do it from your legs, not your back.

It is important that you always use tools with a long handle when gardening. Tools with a telescopic handle are very good. This is the best way to avoid unfavorable working postures.


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