Banana tree in the winter garden - do not plant outside!

Banana tree in the winter garden - do not plant outside!

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Sometimes the tree becomes too big for the winter garden

If you like to eat bananas, you should put a banana tree in the winter garden. Caring for the tree is not that difficult either.

Do not plant the banana tree outdoors
Bananas don't really belong in our realms. They are used to warmth and cannot survive in our cold winters. Even if bananas are always offered outdoors, there is no guarantee that these new varieties will last. However, if you do not want to do without a banana tree, then you should not plant the banana in the garden, but put it in the bucket in the winter garden.

Banana tree in the winter garden
In the winter garden there are always temperatures above 10 degrees, which is good for the plant. But be careful: even at these temperatures, the tree can lose leaves over the winter. So don't panic, that's completely normal. If the banana is in rooms that are continuously above 18 degrees, then you should spray the leaves regularly with water so that they do not get brown edges due to the dry air.

Prune the banana tree
Bananas can get really big, sometimes too big for the conservatory. Then you can simply prune it to the desired height by cutting off the trunk. Soon new shoots will come out of it and the banana will look very nice again very quickly.


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