Plant fig trees - preferably on the house wall

Plant fig trees - preferably on the house wall

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Fig trees are becoming increasingly popular with us

Do you like figs? Then we have just the thing for you today. How about if you plant fig trees in your garden?

Fig trees are becoming increasingly popular with us
They are exotic and form delicious fruits, have a long history and are also increasingly popular with us: the fig trees. As a rule, they thrive best if you pull them in a pot. However, it is also possible to plant fig trees directly in the garden. Then you should pay attention to a few points.

Plant fig trees
Fig trees need to be protected from cold winds. It makes the most sense to do this if you attach it to the wall of the house, if possible not directly on the weather side. They thrive best when pulled up on the trellis. A cut is only necessary in early summer at the new shoot tips. You should not cut your fig trees in autumn or spring, otherwise you will remove shoots that will start to bear fruit in summer.

Fig trees hibernate
In order to get through the winter well, you have to pile up the earth or lay out a thick layer of mulch made of leaves or straw. If winter should be very hard, you should also cover the fig tree with fleece or a canvas sack.


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