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Effective home remedy for mosquitoes

Effective home remedy for mosquitoes

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Our home remedies for mosquitoes help you to protect yourself effectively against the mosquito infestation and against bites in a natural way. I wish you success!

Grilling together, enjoying a glass of wine and enjoying the sun, this is how you imagine a cozy day or evening in the garden. But as soon as you take a seat, the mosquitoes come. Everyone had already had this situation before and was very upset about it. So that the evening can be stress-free, there are certain home remedies with which you can effectively combat mosquitoes.

You do not always have to use creams and sprays from the pharmacy if the mosquitoes can also be controlled with plants from your own garden.

Home remedies for mosquitoes

Cinnamon, camphor, lavender, anise and catnip have smells that act as a deterrent to mosquitoes. If you have these plants in the garden and at best near your sitting area, the first step has already been taken.

Sage against mosquitoes

Sage is also well suited to drive away the mosquitoes. Rub the sage leaves, catch the crumbs in a fire-proof bowl and light them. The leaves then glow and drive away the small animals with their spicy scent.

Light out against mosquitoes?

The myth still exists that mosquitoes are attracted to light. That's not true! Mosquitoes prefer certain smells, especially human sweat. If the sweating body also mixes with perfume or deodorant, you are the ideal attraction for the little nuisance. A refreshing shower can help if the mosquitoes pounce too much on you.

Lavender - a natural mosquito repellent

Lavender looks nice, but can also be very useful. The lilac flowering plant is not only a natural moth enemy, but also helps against mosquitoes. Whether in a pot or in a bed, mosquitoes don't like the scent at all.

Tomato on the windowsill

Mosquitoes are also unbearable in the house or apartment. Not only are stitches uncomfortable, the constant whir can also make you sleep. Protect yourself by placing a tomato plant from your own garden on the windowsill. The intense smell does not let the animals in through the window.