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Early rhubarb - that's how it's done

Early rhubarb - that's how it's done

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You can get rhubarb early

Rhubarb is not only a real eye-catcher in the garden, rhubarb also tastes really delicious. You can find out how to prematurely rhubarb here.

It tastes twice as good from your own garden
If you like to eat a lot of rhubarb and also grow it yourself in the garden, you can hardly wait until the sticks are finally ripe and you can bake delicious rhubarb cakes again in early summer. Fresh from the garden, it tastes twice as good as the bakery around the corner. But that's always the case with fruits and vegetables. It always tastes much better from your own garden.

Early rhubarb - that's how it's done
There is a way for all impatient people to prematurely or bleach the rhubarb, as the gardener also says. The young plants are planted in February and protected with a bucket or a larger clay pot. It is important that there is a hole in the bottom of the vessel that is there for ventilation. Without a hole in the ground - or in this case in the lid - the plant will not grow or start to rot. There are also special rhubarb pots for those who like it the easy way. This method allows the rhubarb harvest time to be moved up to three weeks ahead.


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