Bedding plants

Caring for a vegetable patch - 3 tips

You always have to work on vegetable patches

Vegetables from your own garden taste much better than vegetables from the supermarket. So that it tastes so good, you have to take care of your vegetable patch.

Process vegetable beds constantly
The summer months are the months when there is not only a lot of work to do in the flower beds, but also in which the vegetable beds should be constantly worked on so that the harvest turns out to be good. Therefore, there are some things to consider that are not insignificant for a rich harvest. If you stick to the following three tips, nothing will stand in the way of a good vegetable harvest.

Caring for a vegetable patch - 3 tips

  1. Never plant and the same type of vegetables in the same place. Once the bed has been harvested, you should never grow the same vegetables again if you want to plant vegetables again immediately. The reason: the soil leaches out and pathogens can thus pass on to the next generation.
  2. Vegetable beds need to be loosened regularly. This makes the soil more permeable, water can penetrate better and also keeps the soil moist longer. Weeds are also suppressed or removed with it.
  3. Check your vegetables regularly for pests and also putrefaction that can result from waterlogging, especially in the shade or in rainy summers. Accumulated heat should be prevented in the greenhouse. Sufficient ventilation is required here.