Bed work in May - 3 tasks

Bed work in May - 3 tasks

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There is much to do

There is a lot to do in May, not just in the winter garden and in the greenhouse. You also need to do some bedding in May.

There is much to do
Spring has finally begun, finally it is not only green in the garden, but also colorful. Finally you can get out - and work in the garden. Of course, this brings with it a lot of things to consider. There is a lot of work to do in May. Here are three tasks that are particularly important and that you should definitely do.

Bed work in May - 3 tasks

  1. Prepare beds. If beds are planted with summer flowers in spring, these beds should be prepared in good time. To do this, loosen the soil thoroughly and remove the weeds. Planting can then begin in mid-May.
  2. Cut off cuttings. If you would like to propagate plants, now is the best time to cut the tips of perennials and shrubs. You are strong enough. The cuttings are simply put in pots with soil and will soon take root.
  3. Put primroses in the garden. The primrose is a popular spring plant for the window sill. When May begins, these flowers lose their beauty. Then you should not throw them away, but plant them in the garden. Primroses keep coming back and delight you for many years.


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