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Caring for eggplants - you should be aware of this

Caring for eggplants - you should be aware of this

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Plants can become very bushy

If you want to try eggplants, there are a few things you need to consider. You have to take special care of eggplants.

Plants can become too bushy
The plants can become too bushy if they are not drained. This not only looks ugly, it also has the disadvantage that, firstly, too few or too small fruits are produced and secondly, these fruits become too heavy and can break off. One main shoot and two or three side shoots are enough to pull eggplants properly.

Attach the eggplant to the spiral bar
Always attach the eggplant plant to a spiral bar (as you may know from beans) so that it is directed upwards. You must remove all side shoots. Two to three can stop, but then they also have to be supported. To do this, simply attach another spiral rod to the ground at a distance of up to 80 centimeters and guide the side shoots there.

Fertilize and water regularly
So that the plants always stay healthy and bear plenty of fruit, they need a handful of vegetable fertilizer every two weeks. In addition, you need to water the plants regularly and well, as eggplants have very large leaves and a large amount of water evaporates as a result.


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