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Vegetable patch in May - 4 tasks

Vegetable patch in May - 4 tasks

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Always take good care of your vegetable patch

May is traditionally the month in which there is a lot of work not only in the flower beds. There is also a lot to do in the vegetable patch in May.

Always take good care of the vegetable patch
Vegetables from your own garden of course taste much better than the vegetables you bought from the supermarket. So that you too can harvest abundantly, you must of course take good care of your vegetable patch. We have put together the four most important tasks that should be done in May.

Vegetable patch in May - 4 tasks

  1. Pile new potatoes. When the shoots of the new potatoes tip about 10 centimeters out of the earth, they should be piled up with soil up to just below the shoot tips.
  2. Planting field cucumbers. The cucumbers are planted outdoors in May. To do this, the bed should be covered with a mulch film about two weeks beforehand.
  3. Put the celery outdoors. The early seedlings of the celery should be brought outdoors at the latest in mid-May. The vegetables like moist, nutrient-rich soil.
  4. Sowing annual herbs. Dill, marjoram and also chervil, i.e. herbs that only grow for one year, should be sown every three to four weeks from the beginning of May to the end of July, either in a separate bed or in free areas in the vegetable patch. Until the end of August you have fresh herbs in stock.


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