Snow mold in the lawn - How to prevent infestation

Snow mold in the lawn - How to prevent infestation

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Snow mold can occur all year round

What should not be missing in any garden is a properly maintained lawn. Again and again snow mold can spread in the lawn.

Circular brown spots in the lawn
If you want to have a well-kept lawn in the garden, you have to do a lot for it. The lawn must be mowed regularly and, of course, also properly cared for and fertilized. Nevertheless, it can always happen that the lawn is damaged. Snow mold is particularly widespread. Circular brown spots appear, which are surrounded by a white border. The lawn gets this disease especially in winter, when it is very mild and moist. But the snow mold can also appear over the rest of the year, preferably in shady and damp places.

Prevent snow mold in the lawn
You can prevent this by, for example, not sowing lawn in said areas. You should scarify your lawn twice a year so that it is well ventilated. It is important that you pay attention to the quality when selecting the seeds. If you have the snow mold in the garden, then you only have to wait for a warmer period, then it usually disappears by itself. Here only waiting and drinking tea helps.