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Verbena - A great gap filler

Verbena - A great gap filler

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Verbena is a great gap filler

If there are gaps in the flower box for a variety of reasons, verbena is a great gap filler.

Fill in the gaps with verbena
Every now and then it happens that in flower boxes one or the other summer flower no longer wants the way you set yourself and the flower or die due to illness. Then there are gaps that are difficult to close in July or August, because there are not too many plants that grow vigorously and bloom profusely for the few weeks of summer.

Verbena is undemanding
One of these plants, which is often used as a gap filler, is verbena. It grows very bushy, sometimes grows beyond the edge of the flowerpot and delights with wonderful flowers. So that the verbena can last until the end of September or even the beginning of October, you should fertilize it every two weeks and water it only moderately. Even a few days of drought usually doesn't hurt. What verbena doesn't like is permanent wetness. Sun or shade - it grows wonderfully everywhere.

A feast for the eyes for every balcony and terrace
Verbena is a feast for the eyes on every balcony and terrace. Over 70 varieties are commercially available. If you want to fill in unsightly gaps, you can choose a wide variety of varieties. By the way: Verbena used to be one of the most important medicinal plants.


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