Plants from the gardener die - what now?

Do you have a green thumb?

If you don't have a green thumb, you can also have your garden planted by a gardener. But what if the plants come in from the gardener?

Do you have a green thumb?
You can buy plants from the gardener and then plant them yourself in the garden or you can have the gardener do the whole thing for you. This is more expensive, but saves a lot of work. If the gardener lends a hand, it can of course also happen to the professional that plants do not grow or even die. If this is the case, it is annoying, but many think that it would be fate.

Have the guarantee of plant growth included in the contract
Is that really fate? Isn't it perhaps the professional gardener who is responsible for ensuring that the plants he uses also grow properly and do not break? Yes he is! Because a gardener offers a service as well as a painter or a carpenter. If they mess around here, then these craftsmen are also obliged to pay compensation. And that's the same with the gardener. The difficulty is to prove that it was really the gardener's fault. However, you can have a guarantee of plant growth included in the contract at any time - provided the gardener agrees.