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Jakobs-Greiskraut - Toxic for humans and animals

Jakobs-Greiskraut - Toxic for humans and animals

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The ragwort herb is poisonous

There are so many beautiful plants that look particularly beautiful on flower meadows. But for many, appearances are deceptive, because some are highly toxic. So also the Jakobs-Greiskraut.

Toxic to humans and animals
The Jakobs-Greiskraut grows on meadows and spreads ever wider. This is how it can find its way into our gardens. The Jakobs-Greiskraut has wonderful yellow flowers. Even if the herb looks really nice, it shouldn't be touched. Because the toxins can very likely get into the body through skin contact. There they cause severe liver damage that is not curable. It is not uncommon for cows or horses to die after eating Jakobs-Greiskraut.

Remove the ragwort herb with gloves
You don't have to panic when you've discovered the herb in your garden. You should just be careful. If you discover the flower in your garden, then tear out the plant completely, including the root. You should always wear gloves. You should not put the flower on the compost, but throw it in the bin. So nothing can happen and you don't have to worry about your health or the health of your family members or animals.