Garden Tips

Cut laurel - that's how it's done

Pruning in March and July

You can keep a bay bush as a solitary plant in the garden or as a hedge. But unlike other hedge plants, you have to cut the laurel.

Cut the laurel with secateurs
Here you should not come with the hedge trimmer and cut large areas. If leaves are cut, they will die and the risk of disease increases. Not only does it look ugly, it is also not good for the plant. A laurel cut should therefore always be done with secateurs. To do this, separate the branches individually, just above a leaf or bud. This is how the laurel always looks beautiful and can be brought into perfect shape.

Pruning in March and July
By the way, you can make corrections all year round, the laurel is not resentful in this case. Larger pruning should be done in March and again in July. However, make sure that no birds nest in the bushes or hedges. If this is the case, then you should avoid the July cut. Otherwise you can make corrections at any time.

Shape the bay bush
It is up to you in which form you cut your laurel. He actually likes all decorative shapes. It is important that you keep looking at the shape from a distance from time to time. This is the only way to best recognize irregularities.