Shooting salads - what does that mean?

Shooting salads - what does that mean?

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Water the salad regularly

When people talk about shooting salads, it has something to do with the fact that the salad does not form as it should.

Salads grow upwards
Have you ever had the experience that you planted lettuce, which then suddenly shot up instead of forming a round head of lettuce? If so, then you or your salad have fallen victim to the so-called shooting. The salads grow upwards to form flowers. The reason for this is that the temperatures are too warm and the second that there is not enough water.

Water regularly and abundantly
Since you can usually not influence the temperatures, you have to be active otherwise. This means that you plant the salads in such a way that the heat cannot build up in the respective bed. The bed should also be well ventilated at night, because mild summer nights can also play their part. In addition, regular and abundant watering is the order of the day, but not so much that the moisture builds up and the lettuce begins to rot.

If you want to prevent from the start, you should get bulletproof varieties from the dealer. This includes Fortunas and Nabucco for ice cream salads and Larissa for lettuce, Karaganer Sommer 2 and Attractie. Ask your specialist dealer, he can certainly help you with this topic.