Privacy screens - a quick hedge solution

Privacy screens - a quick hedge solution

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Protect yourself from the neighbors' eyes

You can never have enough privacy screens in the garden. Most have planted a hedge all around, others work directly in the garden with privacy elements, mostly at seats or around the terrace.

Hedges take time to get really big
With a hedge or other privacy elements, curious glances from the neighbors are to be prevented. These are undesirable. A natural privacy screen is the most beautiful, but everyone knows that it takes time to get really big and bushy. Alternatively, you can choose plants that only last for a summer or use elements made of wood or plastic.

Buy finished privacy screens
But there is another solution that makes it possible to buy ivy, beech or hornbeam immediately in the desired size and density as a privacy screen. This is made possible by the finished privacy protection elements. They are 180 x 120 centimeters in size and consist of the plant itself, a trellis and a coconut fiber pot. This pot is placed in the desired place in the ground and in no time you have a privacy screen and can design and attach it the way you want. Warning: the whole thing is not cheap. You have to put in a good 150 euros for one element.


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