Plants for the shade

Plants for the shade

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Shadow beds are always a little challenge for hobby gardeners. After all, which plants thrive in the shade? Make no mistake, because there are enough.

The thimble thrives well in the shade -

In our garden we have a bed that does not get a single ray of sunshine during the long day. It is almost always in the shade. So we need plants that grow particularly well in the shade. When we bought the garden, my mother-in-law said that nothing would grow in this bed because it was much too dark. I have proven the opposite and conjured up a beautiful bed that grows together really well after three years.

There are many great plants that thrive wonderfully in the shade, although you shouldn't expect the blossoms here, as in other places in the garden. But it will still be a great bed. After all, there are enough plants that also look good in the shade.

These plants thrive in the shade

If you have a lot of shady and therefore dark corners in the garden, then it is best to spice them up with decorative elements such as garden decorations and bright seating furniture. So the shady cookies get that certain something. You can then fine-tune the whole thing with shade plants. Thrive in the shade e.g. these are great:

plantheydayheightflower Color
lupineMay - July / August60 - 100 cmblue, purple, pink
KerriaMay - July2 - 3 myellow
ZierquitteMarch April1 - 5 mwhite, pink, orange, brick red
foxgloveJune August30-150 cmred, yellow, white, pink
monkshoodJune - September50-150 cmblue
HerbstasterSeptember - November20-150 cmwhite, pink, red, violet, blue, pastel tones
record sheetJune July40-140 cmcreamy white, light pink
AstilbeJune - September15-120 cmwhite, pink, red, purple
Black cohoshJuly - October60 - 200 cmWhite
Coral bellsMay - July40 - 70 cmred, white, pink
Blue poppy seedsJune - September70 cmblue
RuprechtskrautMay - October50 cmpink
GedenkemeinMay June10 - 20 cmblue
Hain flowerJune - September15 cmblue White
KrötenlilieAugust - October50 - 80 cmpurple and white

Here is an overview of all plants:

And there is a really pretty shadow bed. No way, nothing grows ... Just make sure that in the hot summer months you don't just water the areas of your garden that are exposed to direct sunlight. You must also water the shade plants under trees regularly. The leaf dress finally prevents enough rain from reaching the plants.