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Caring for magnolia - 4 tips

Caring for magnolia - 4 tips

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Magnolias are very beautiful plants, whether as a bush or tree. We have summarized how you care for your magnolia in these tips.

Tip 1: Avoid root damage

In general, it should be noted that magnolias are flat roots. Therefore you have to rake the soil around the trunk as carefully as possible - e.g. weeding when weeding.

Tip 2: fertilize little and naturally

In spring you can work a little peat and humus into the slightly loosened soil. Additional fertilizers are normally no longer required by magnolias.

Tip 3: Carefully cut magnolia

In addition, you should only cut your magnolia to a limited extent, since cuts are difficult to heal and can produce unsightly shoots. Why wilted flowers either have to be broken off by hand or carefully cut off with secateurs. The latter also applies to dead branches and twigs.

In order to bring the tree or shrub into the desired shape or to contain the tree top a little, a gentle cut should be made on the magnolias in spring - so that the respective interface can grow well again in autumn.

Tip 4: Protect young magnolias from frost

You should protect magnolias from severe frost in the first few years - to do this, it is best to pile the magnolias lightly on the trunk with soil and possibly cover them completely with a special garden fleece. Older plants, on the other hand, are usually considered to be hardy and relatively insensitive to frost.


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