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Plants in winter - these are stored in the dark

Plants in winter - these are stored in the dark

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When the gardening season comes to an end, it is time to bring your plants back inside. Read here which plants need to be stored dark in winter.

The jewelry lily should be stored in the dark

Store plants in the basement or in the dark hallway

There are many plants that are not hardy and need the warmth to keep from shrinking. There are many plants, which you should store as dark as possible. For example in the basement or in a dark hallway. We would like to show you which plants need to be stored in the dark.

Plants in winter - these are stored in the dark

"Angel's Trumpet: It loses its leaves in autumn and therefore needs no light. There is also no fertilization in winter and only watered so much that the soil is always slightly damp.

"Laurel: It is an evergreen plant, but does not have to stand in the light in winter. If it is stored below 10 degrees, you can darken it, as it is then in winter rest.

"Jewelry lily: It can be stored both light and dark. If you hibernate it dark, it will lose its leaves and will sprout again the next year.

" Palm tree: She likes the sun, but hardly needs any light in cool temperatures in winter. The palm can overwinter cool and dark.


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