Plants in winter - these are stored in a bright place

Plants in winter - these are stored in a bright place

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When it gets colder outside, most of the container plants have to be brought indoors. Read here which plants need to be stored light in winter.

Hibiscus must be stored in a bright place

Winter plants in the house

While some plants hardly need any light in winter, there are also container plants that you should keep bright for the winter. If you stick to it, you can put the plants outside again next spring and enjoy them. The plants that need to be stored light in winter include the following varieties:

If you store it above 18 degrees and bright, you can look forward to lots of flowers even in winter. On the other hand, if the hibiscus is set too dark, it will lose its leaves. Flowering will be delayed next year.

This plant should always get enough light. However, it doesn't harm her if she is as cool as possible. However, the temperature should not drop below 0 degrees.

If you put the olive in the dark, it sheds its leaves. If you want to avoid this, you should store the olive where the sun also comes in winter.

They are evergreen in their homeland of South America, but they throw off the leaves here. No problem: store in a cool and bright place, then it will sprout all the next year.


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