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Teichnebler - tips for buying and building

Teichnebler - tips for buying and building

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A pond mist creates a very atmospheric atmosphere in the garden. Read here what you should consider when buying such a nebulizer and how it is installed.

Pond mists create an atmospheric atmosphere

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In combination with a garden pond lighting, a pond mist creates a great atmosphere around the garden pond. The garden pond fogger comes into its own particularly well in the evening and at night.

These days, these are often also offered with LED light sources in the colors green, red and blue, including the twilight sensor. This allows an extremely varied garden ambience to be created.

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In the specialist trade, pond foggers are now also offered in the form of complete sets, including a safety transformer. However, when buying, you should make sure that you can expand this basic equipment at any time.


It is extremely important that you make sure that water fountains or fountains in the garden pond do not collide directly with the fog spots. Except, the fog spots are compatible with the respective water fountains.

You also have to dismantle the pond fog system as soon as the first frost temperatures are expected. Then clean and overwinter in a dry place.

Installation of a pond mist

In principle, the rule of thumb applies to most pond fog sets: the further they are installed in the middle of the garden pond (e.g. on artificial islands or peninsulas), the more evenly the fog is distributed on the pond surface. Here is a small step-by-step guide on how to properly install the pond mist.

Step 1:
You must first install the fog transformer dry. In other words, plug it into an external socket so that it is protected from the weather.

Step 2:
Then you must lead the associated fogger cables directly to the garden pond - e.g. dig in just below the surface of the earth.

Step 3:
Then you can effectively place the individual fog spots around the pond.

You can even place high-quality pond mists as a kind of swimming island in the middle of your garden pond.

Operation of a pond mist

You can operate modern pond foggers from the garden chair using a remote control. In this way, the fogger can remain permanently connected to the power supply because the fog system can be switched on and off at any time using the remote control.