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Maintaining lawnmowers - 6 tips

Maintaining lawnmowers - 6 tips

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If you do not want to throw the purchase costs for your lawn mower out the window, you have to take care of your mower regularly. And that's how it works!
Thorough cleaning is mandatory! - The lawn is cut, the job is done, the end of the day is calling! Unfortunately, it is not quite that simple if you want to have something from your lawnmower for a longer time. In the best case, the mower, regardless of whether it is an electric or petrol variant, is cleaned after every mowing operation. It is understandable that there is often no leisure. However, you should set regular appointments for lawn mower maintenance. Especially at the end of the season, i.e. in late autumn, the lawn mower must be subjected to thorough maintenance and care.

Tip 1 - basic cleaning

If you send your lawn mower uncleaned for the winter break, there is a risk that both the housing and the knife will be completely rusted next spring. The first thing to do is to tip the mower on its side. Warning: always on the side facing away from the air filter, so that no petrol can leak. Now remove all grass residues and coarse dirt deposits with a brush. Then clean the housing around the knives with a damp cloth. You can knock out the grass catcher, simply rinse off any remaining grass with a garden hose.

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Tip 2 - knife control

First, knives that are out of focus no longer mow well, and second, they can also be a source of accidents. In this case, have the knife sharpened by a professional (specialist dealer). If this is no longer possible, the knives must be replaced.

Tip 3 - rust removal and regreasing

Especially after winter, but also every now and then, the lawnmower must be checked for rust. The areas affected must be cleared of rust. To do this, take a wire brush or sandpaper and literally rub off the rust. Once this has been done, the affected areas can be painted over. This is not only visually more beautiful, the repaint also protects against new rust. Regular greasing of the bearings can prevent the ingress of water and the resulting corrosion, so do not forget this step when maintaining the lawn mower.

Tip 4 - Empty the tank and check the oil level

Lawnmower care tip: Check the oil level - The lawnmower remains unused for a long time during the winter months, so it is important that you empty the tank as much as possible, otherwise there is a risk of fire. The most ecological method is to refuel before you mow the last time, so that you completely use up the petrol it contains. The oil level must also be checked to prevent difficulties starting the next season. Missing oil. recognizable by the marking of the oil stick, fill it up according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Tip 5 - Air filter check

The air filter is not visible at first glance, no reason to neglect it. If the air filter is dirty, the lawnmower consumes more petrol and wears out faster. Slight contamination can be knocked out, but a heavily contaminated filter must be replaced.

Tip 6 - storage

To ensure that the lawnmower is not exposed to dust or moisture, it should be given a dry shelter (tool shed, basement). Ideally, this place is also frost-free. To cover, take a blanket or the commercially available lawn mower covers.