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How often do you water herbs?

How often do you water herbs?

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Herbs must be watered like other plants. But not every herb is thirsty, so you should always try it out.

If you have laid out a small bed of herbs on the balcony or in the garden, then you need to keep a close eye on it. If the herbs start to wither due to lack of water, they will hardly recover from them. The problem: most herbs prefer to grow in a sunny location and therefore need a lot of water.

Herbs on the balcony

The problem when you plant herbs on the balcony, there is usually not enough soil in the pots and pots. So the irrigation water has no good basis. Remedy the problem by sprinkling a 2-4 cm thick layer of gravel or sand on the bottom of the flower box. This stores the water and ensures more moisture in your herb box even on dry days.

Bark mulch stores moisture

A second trick to keep the soil in the herb box or pot evenly moist is to put some bark mulch on the box. You can also add some mulch to the soil to keep it loose and moist. However, repeated watering in summer is part of the care of the herbs. Otherwise they will quickly let the leaves hang.

The simple pouring trick with your finger

There is no general rule about when herbs need to be watered. The plants are just too different for that. There are also different weather conditions on every balcony and garden. Don't be fooled by the fact that the top layer of soil in the herb pot looks dry. Put a finger in the ground about 5 to 7 cm deep. If the earth sticks and the finger feels moist, it doesn't have to be watered yet. If your finger is dry, get the watering can! By the way: it is best to use stale, lukewarm water.


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