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Planting and caring for Madonna lilies - how it's done

Planting and caring for Madonna lilies - how it's done

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If you want something really noble in your garden, you should definitely plant Madonna lilies. Read here how to do this and how to care for Madonna lilies.

The Madonna lilies, which grow up to 150 centimeters high, bring a very special shine to the gardens during their flowering phase in June each year and also spray an extremely pleasant, slightly lovely fragrance. Which is why it is so popular with gardeners who value grace and grace.
If you value it, you should definitely plant Madonna lilies in your garden. How you do this and what you need to consider when you care for the lilies afterwards, we have noted here for you. If you stick to these points, you will enjoy your elegant and extremely pleasantly scented Madonna lilies for a long time.

Madonna lily or white lily (Lilium candidum)
Lifespan:perennial (hardy with protection)
Height:80-120 cm
Bloom:May - July
Planting:September - December
Planting distance:20-30 cm
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Plant Madonna lilies

»Choice of location:

Madonna lilies need a full sun, sheltered location. The soils should be nutrient-rich and well-drained, but can also be calcareous and slightly rocky - however, moist soils are not suitable for this type of lily, because then the onions will start to rot.


The bulbs of the Madonna lily have to be buried in the garden in August. Here you should make sure that the onion tip is only minimally below the earth's layer.


Enrich the soil with compost before planting the bulbs! Alternatively, you can move the soil with a complete fertilizer.

Caring for Madonna lilies

»Frost protection:

After planting, the Madonna lily usually sprouts lavishly on particularly warm late summer and autumn days, which is why you need to protect the flower from frost over the winter months with twigs.

»Support Madonna lilies:

From the spring, the lily sprouts continuously out of the earth. Because of its rapid growth and its impressive bloom (up to 20 pure white calyxes can form on just one flower stem), the perennial needs support in individual cases. Simply use a bamboo stick to which you loosely tie the Madonna lily. This protects the lily against kinking even in strong wind gusts.

»Watering Madonna Lilies:

On warm days and during longer periods of drought you also have to water the lily moderately. This should also be done several times a day if possible because it does not tolerate waterlogging - e.g. in the mornings and the evenings. However, you should never water the Madonna lilies when the sun is hot (risk of burns) and always in the root area.

»Cut back:

During flowering, you can pluck withered petals by hand. If the Madonna lily has completely faded, you should cut it off completely so that the onion can immediately regain its strength.


If you want to plant the lily in a new location next year, you should remove the Madonna lily from the soil after cutting it off and plant it again in August.

»Pest infestation:

Especially in spring, red beetles, the so-called lily chickens, like to frolic on the leaves of the Madonna line, which are easily recognizable due to their intense coloring. Since these beetles can cause enormous damage to the lily, you should either collect them by hand or, if necessary, remove them with a pesticide that is commercially available.

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