Tips for growing mini cucumbers

Growing mini cucumbers in your own garden is actually very easy. The best thing to do is to follow our tips.

Mini cucumbers should be preferred in potties

Mini cucumbers, often referred to as Mexican mini cucumbers, are not only popular with children because of their striped look, but also because of their still distinctive cucumber taste. And this despite the fact that the mini cucumbers actually belong to the pumpkin family!

The mini cucumbers, which are only up to 4 centimeters in size, grow in the form of a climbing plant, which you can easily set up on balconies and patios due to their small space requirements.

" Tip:
Mini cucumbers are suitable for immediate consumption, but also perfect as a decoration on cheese platters and sausage platters as well as on salads. Children, on the other hand, even like to enjoy mini cucumbers as a healthy snack.


Seeds for this annual plant are available in well-stocked garden shops, and you can grow them in small pots on a sunny window sill or in a greenhouse at 18 to 25 degrees from the end of March / beginning of April - just like conventional cucumbers.

" Tip:
It is ideal if you use a plant soil for growing the mini cucumbers that you have previously enriched with some horn shavings (fertilizer effect).

As soon as the first cucumber shoots have grown up, you should then place the plantlets in small pots as individually as possible and raise them with small bamboo sticks (stabilization aid).

Alternatively, the mini cucumbers can also be grown directly in the field from mid-May. The harvest of the fruits is then of course delayed, but this is not a problem for the plant itself.


After the ice saints - from mid-May - you can then also bring the mini-cucumbers that have been brought into the open air. It is recommended that you choose a sunny location where it is protected from the wind, where the small cucumbers can ripen well. It is also important that you keep a planting distance of at least 50 centimeters. Alternatively, you can plant the mini cucumbers in large pots and place them outdoors.

" Tip:
Mini cucumbers do not tolerate any frost temperatures. So you still have to protect the cucumbers with a garden fleece on cold days!

Mini cucumbers need climbing aids

Furthermore, the cucumbers, which grow up to 3 meters in height, need a climbing aid from the start, where they can wind their way up. A wall trellis on terraces and balconies is of course also suitable for this.

Especially at the beginning of its growth, you should still braid the first shoots of the mini cucumbers yourself around the respective tendril to provide the plant with sufficient stability from below.

Care of the mini cucumbers

Pour mini cucumbers:

Like the conventional cucumbers, the mini-cucumbers that bloom in yellow are considered to be robust and grow practically all summer. You should water them moderately, especially on dry days. In principle, you should never keep the mini cucumbers too moist, you must absolutely avoid waterlogging in the root area.

Mini cucumbers should be watered moderately

Fertilize mini cucumbers:

As a rule, the plants only need to be given a minimal amount of fertilization while growing outdoors - once or twice during the growth phase is completely sufficient.

Harvest mini cucumbers

As for the harvest of the slightly sour-tasting fruit (look a bit like the watermelons when ripe), you just have to pick the crispy pickles directly from the plant.

When ripe, mini cucumbers look like little watermelons

" Tip:
It is best to pickle larger crops in vinegar. As so-called mini vinegar cucumbers, you can then enjoy the small, crispy cucumbers all winter long!

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