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4 care tips for hardy potted plants

4 care tips for hardy potted plants

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In winter the garden always looks dreary. But not if you rely on hardy potted plants. They survive cold temperatures well, but still need some maintenance.

The holly is an extremely hardy potted plant

So that the terrace and balcony do not look completely bare in winter, you can decorate them with hardy potted plants. These are generally considered to be relatively robust and robust. Nevertheless, you should give the plants a good dose of care in winter. There are of course some potted plants that can get through winter without much care, but only if they are well planted and you take certain precautions. As a gardener, you have to try to always meet the needs of the plants. Because even if the hardy tub plants can tolerate the cold well, they still need a little protection and help to get through the cold season well.

Useful care tips for hardy potted plants

Tip 1 - light:

Hardy potted plants usually need a sunny location with lots of light. If you put them on the balcony or terrace, then you are not doing anything wrong with them, because they are usually oriented towards the south. And that, in turn, is perfect for the hardy plants that need a lot of light.

Tip 2 - stabilize potted plants:

Make sure that the potted plants are in a sheltered place. In winter it can get really stormy. It is therefore important that you stabilize the hardy plants before the cold season begins. That works e.g. with climbing aids very well. You can also attach the plants to the house wall with a rope.

Tip 3 - water potted plants:

Evergreen potted plants in particular die of thirst in winter rather than freezing to death. After all, even in winter, when the sun shines, moisture evaporates from the leaves. Therefore, water the plants from time to time on frost-free days. However, do not give them too much water, as there is a risk that they will rot.

Tip 4 - protect plants from the cold:

The plants are particularly sensitive in the root area in winter and can be damaged. Even if the plants are hardy. It is therefore advisable to insulate the planters from below against the ground cold. It is best to place the potted plants on a styrofoam plate. So the plants don't get "cold feet". Then you should cover the pots with fleece, bubble wrap or a coconut mat. You can also place smaller pots in larger containers and then fill the space with a little straw or mulch.

You can use the plants themselves e.g. protect by covering the root area with brushwood. The best parts of the plant are best protected from the cold and the winter sun with a jute sack or some garden fleece. The latter is available in a wide variety of sizes and also with motifs (see e.g. here at

Beautiful hardy potted plants for balcony and terrace

Weigela❍ blooms from May / June to July
❍ reach heights of between 100 and 200 cm
hostas❍ white or pale purple flowers
❍ reach heights of 10 to 90 cm
Allium❍ white, magenta or purple flowers
❍ blooms from May to July
❍ is between 60 and 90 cm high
coneflower❍ white, pink or yellow flowers
❍ is between 80 and 160 cm high
Japanese azalea❍ blooms reddish
❍ is between 20 and 100 cm high
wintergreen❍ evergreen
❍ glossy green foliage
❍ red fruits form from September
❍ is about 15 cm high
Torfmyrtle❍ white or red flowers
❍ white, pink or red berries
❍ is between 100 and 150 cm high
sage❍ blooms from June to August
❍ blue-violet flowers
❍ becomes approx. 50 cm high
heather❍ blooms white, pink, red or purple
❍ blooms from late summer to winter, depending on the variety
❍ becomes approx. 50 cm high
Lenten roses❍ bloom from February to April
❍ bloom white, pink or dark red
❍ reach a height of approx. 40 cm
thyme❍ light pink flowers
❍ blooms from June to July
❍ is between 20 and 40 cm high
bamboo screen❍ broad bushy habit
❍ dark green, elongated leaves
❍ grows up to 250 cm high