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Multiply peaches with their own seeds

Multiply peaches with their own seeds

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Multiplying a peach tree from your own seeds sounds very difficult at first. But that's not it. With a little patience, you will also succeed.

Real peaches are best grown -

Plants can rarely be grown from apple, cherry and pear seeds, which later also bear beautiful and edible fruits. Here you need a professional hand to pull a beautiful and load-bearing tree from a small shoot. The peach, however, is not that demanding. For hobby gardeners, it has the decisive advantage that it is a self-fertile crop. A peach tree therefore often bears fruit that comes from self-pollination. Only the genetic material of the mother plant is transferred. However, bees pollinate pollen only if there is an adjacent peach tree.

While pears, sweet cherries and apples require pollination by means of pollen from another variety, the peach can be stimulated to the fruit much more easily.

Prerequisites for good success

If you put peach kernels of fruit from the supermarket in the ground, then you are very likely to only get small plantlets that always remain a bit puny. If you want to grow a real peach tree, then you need so-called real varieties. Kernecht means that the properties of the mother plant are transferred to the seedling. Nuclear varieties include:

  • Kernechter from the promontory (late peach / medium / juicy)
  • Proskauer (juicy sweet / very frost hardy / self-fertile)
  • Naundorfer Kernechter (large / juicy / rich yield)

So it would be an advantage if you already had a peach tree in the garden that stood out. You could then take the seeds straight away. Otherwise just ask around in the neighborhood if someone has a peach tree in the garden that is as good as heart and then get some fruit.

Multiply peach - how it works!

In order to pull the kernels into a plant, you first have to stratify it, i.e. subject it to a cold treatment. Specifically, this means that you have to keep the peach seeds in a box of damp sand over the winter. Either in the basement or in the garage. It is only important that the temperature does not exceed 7 ° C. Alternatively, you can store the seeds in a cold frame. This stratification serves to improve the ability of the nuclei to germinate.

When spring comes, you can put the seeds in pots with the appropriate growing soil. It is then important that you always keep the soil moist. You can also plant the peach seeds directly two centimeters deep in the loosened garden soil. A slightly shaded area in the garden is the best location.

It also works like that: