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Growing stevia - how it's done

Stevia is a healthy sugar substitute that has now been approved in Germany. But not only that: you can now also grow stevia yourself. You can read here how it works.

Stevia is a healthy sugar substitute

Since the South American stevia was approved as a sugar substitute in Germany, the demand for the calorie-free sugar plant has also increased enormously. In the meantime, some nurseries even have stevia plants that can be planted and cared for even in our latitudes. We'll tell you exactly how to do this here.

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The perennial stevia plants love it sunny, warm and bright. Which is why they are also ideal as a container plant on balconies and patios. Of course, you can also place the plants in winter gardens or plant them all year round in the greenhouse.

Otherwise, you should put the stevia plants in the garden from June. There, however, you have to dig them up again in autumn and hibernate in a frost-free room. Basically, the plants thrive much more freely outdoors than in the pots adapted for the stevia plants.

" Tip:

Small stevia plants thrive - like kitchen herbs - very well on a sunny windowsill. (Link tip: pull herbs on the windowsill - this is how it's done)

Care of the stevia plants

Stevia plants love it moist, but waterlogging is not optimal for the plants, because this can lead to root rot. A constant change between wet and dry is ideal, as a result of which the growth of the plant is optimal.

" Tip:

In the winter months, you should definitely let the plant rest (little light), so give it a kind of recovery phase and water only moderately if absolutely necessary.

During this so-called vegetation break, the plant almost dies visually, which is why you can cut the plant back to about 5 centimeters. In the coming spring (around March, when the plant is in a sunny window seat) it will naturally wake up again from this hibernation if it is properly stored. This resting phase has the advantage that the plant is then less susceptible to disease than if it wears a green dress all year round.

Harvest stevia

Stevia is harvested similarly to basil, so only the so-called shoot tips are cut off. Then you should either freshly leaf in e.g. give a glass of tea, or dry the leaves individually and then use them as a sweetener.


A single leaf of stevia is enough to sweeten a cup of tea!

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