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7 delicious mint varieties presented

7 delicious mint varieties presented

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Due to countless new varieties, peppermint now has a whole host of delicious-tasting relatives. Here 7 particularly delicious mint varieties are presented.

Very tasty: the orange mint

The mint always exudes a very pleasant and somehow fresh fragrance. The really refreshing effect then finally unfolds on the tongue. There are really a lot of mint varieties that delight our palates and, on top of that, can also be easily cared for in our own garden beds, in garden houses or on the kitchen window sill.

Most varieties of mint are extremely easy to care for, prefer a sunny location and can even be largely overwintered outdoors - sometimes with little winter protection! We would now like to introduce 7 such delicious mint varieties to you in more detail.

These types of mint are particularly tasty:

1. Strawberry Mint:

Strawberry mint is one of the best known modern mint varieties and is relatively short. If your fine leaves are only lightly grated with two fingers, they immediately develop an incomparable aroma, with which especially sweet dishes can be refined perfectly. The dried strawberry mint is also suitable for the preparation of fruity-tasting mint tea.

2. Apple mint:

Apple mint grows very compact in the garden bed and also brings about a pretty violet-colored flower, making it an absolutely attractive herb. We recommend a flavor combination of apple mint and cinnamon with all kinds of desserts - especially ice cream!

3. Pineapple mint:

Pineapple mint is considered to be a very fruity-fresh-tasting mint variety, which you can serve well with all creams, yoghurts and quark dishes.

4. Banana Mint:

The tender-leaved and pink-red blooming banana mint grows to a height of about 50 centimeters and is often used to decorate fruit salads and pies. You can also use banana mint as a sweet-tasting herbal wort.

5. Chocolate gnome:

The chocolate mince, which also grows to an average of only 50 to 60 centimeters, has green leaves with a dark red underside, which is why it is extremely suitable for decorating a wide variety of dishes. At the same time, it is suitable for refining the taste of different types of jam!

6. Orange mint:

Orange mint, which is at least 80 centimeters tall, has a very intense aroma, but has largely lost its typical mint taste. However, when dried, it is perfect as a fruity flavor enhancer for conventional peppermint tea or black tea. In addition, orange mint is considered to be extremely easy to care for and spreads quickly in the garden beds.

7. Lemon mint:

The white flowering lemon mint grows only 40 centimeters high and is able to exude a fresh lemon aroma outdoors. It is also very versatile, regardless of whether it is sweet or salty food.

Harvest mint

You can harvest mint throughout the season. You just have to cut or pluck the mint. A harvest is always recommended in the morning, as all mint varieties are freshest then.

" Tip:

Since dried mint often loses some of its typical aroma, you should freeze it after the last harvest. (Link tip: Preserving herbs - 5 options presented)

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